Sometimes it happens just like that. There isn’t any good reason for it to happen, nor is there any warning, but it does. It could happen to you or me or someone we care about like a family member or maybe a friend.

This time it happened to Jason. Jason is a co-worker but first and foremost a friend. He is one of the “good guys in the model community”, who cares about the industry and everyone who is associated with it. He is always there to lend a helping hand and never asks for anything in return. Jason is a smart guy who likes to fix things or help a customer with a problem.

My friend Jason is also a modeler at heart and a proud veteran of the U.S. Navy where he served as an ordnance- man on an aircraft carrier.

Last week, Jason was the victim of a hit and run on his way to work. He loves to ride his bicycle and was T-boned by a driver who ran a red light. He was catapulted off his bike and left for dead on the side of the road. Luckily some good Samaritans found him and called 911. Jason was transported to the hospital’s trauma center, clinging on for dear life. Besides a shattered pelvis, injury to his spine, broken leg and both ankles, the internal damage was much worse and surgeries to repair all this will span easily over a year.

Meanwhile he is in good spirits but I know for a fact that the severity of his case has not had time to sink in entirely yet and the road to recovery will be very long, painful and expensive. Jason also has a family who depends on him but right now they are at his bedside, doing what they can to support him through this horrific ordeal.

I like to write about happy things like comical events that will bring a smile or draw laughter.  I like to focus on funny stuff with a nudge or a poke at reality and to convey the message that life is not all that bad if you make the most of it.  Unfortunately, bad things happen and they sometimes happen to good people, as is the case with Jason.  So, sadly, I have nothing humorous to write about at this time.

With this, I want to reach out to my family of modelers all over the world to help a buddy in dire need. Jason needs our assistance. If there is a way you could do something, however small it may be, it will make a big difference and will be appreciated by a guy who wouldn’t blink an eye to forward the same gesture to a person trapped at a similar crossroad in life.

A “Go-fund-me” account is set up on behalf of Jason for contributions to help him provide for him and his family during his recovery and to help pay for the mounting medical bills.

Please visit the link below.


I want to personally thank you for helping out a friend in need!  I know that the model community can be very generous to help out a comrade.


Jef V.

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  • warrior41882

    Been there done that, Hit and left for dead. I was 8yrs old when a drunk driver nailed me the same way, my injuries were nowhere near as bad as Jasons. Good luck from now on my friend as the the bad luck has run out for you.

    • Jason Maynard

      Thank you for your kind words. I have came back to work as of yesterday. I am glad that you healed from your own incident. It is unbelievable that people can hit someone and just carry on like nothing has happened. I know that most are good people deep inside and there are just a few that could care less about others. I keep my head up knowing that I am blessed and have such a close work family that care about us individually as well as the customers like you.