The History of Automation

Told by the story of the car

In one short month, the granddaddy of car shows opens its gates….the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.  Whether you consider yourself a “car guy” or not, this event demonstrates why so many people love automobiles and consider them to be great works of art.  If you go in as a doubter, you will come out as a lover – no doubt about that!

Elevation of the automobile from a rickety bicycle with a rubber band engine (really) to these beauties is a tribute to the incredible imagination and passion of the human spirit.  Car shows – wherever they take place – readily tell this story.  If you haven’t seen a Model T take apart and reassembled in a matter of minutes, be sure to check that out when you can.

Henry Ford and his concept of the assembly line with the introduction of the Model T really did change the world.  Quickly applied to all sorts of manufacturing, the availability of cars to just about everyone expanded horizons for people in ways no one would have even imagined a generation before.

Growing up along the “rust belt” on I-75 in northwest Ohio, most people could relate stories of family members having some sort of impact on this great period in American history.  A distant uncle of my own actually invented the rear view mirror and won the Indianapolis 500 in a bright yellow Marmon Meteor over a hundred years ago.  Ray Haroun’s invention not only lead to the victory in the first Indy race in 1911; it also made driving a car MUCH safer for all the generations to come.

Cars are ingrained in us as a symbol of freedom – opening up the ability to go just about anywhere and do anything with a tank of gas and a set of keys.  Maybe that is why building car models has occupied the free time of so many people for so many generations.  While owning a real vintage beauty is out of reach for most of us, building your own in the scale of your choice is something anyone can do.  So if you get a chance this summer to take in a local car show – do it.  You will be amazed at the beauty of the cars you will see and might even get inspired to build one of your own… will be the perfect place to help you find the car of your dreams in a scale that will not need to take up the space in your garage to protect it!

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