Squadron Warrior

A lifetime of service to us all!

How does one define service?  If you take a look around Squadron Richard Poulsen (white shirt in the photo) jumps to the front of the line.  Not one to jump out in front of a crowd, Richard is the type of person who never stops working behind the scenes for his customers…making sure their needs are met as quickly as possible.

Richard (no surprise to those who know him) began his young adult years in the US Army and became a Ranger.  He traveled the world and particularly enjoyed his time in Italy and Germany.  A student of history from his youngest years, seeing many of the sights in Europe made a big impression that led to his study and ultimately his degree in history when he graduated college.

Managing to turn his education into an asset in his career, Richard spent many years at Tamiya in their sales group.  Based in California, he traveled extensively working with model distributors all over the country.  His time at Tamiya really honed his knowledge of the model hobby, making him a great candidate to join MMD-Squadron twelve years ago in the wholesale department.

A no fuss, no muss kind of guy, Richard’s tenacity in pushing his customer’s needs through whatever obstacle may arise at Squadron is legendary.  When Richard needs something done, no excuse will do!  His passion for the hobby and for keeping his customers satisfied is an example to the whole company.  If Richard is working on your side, you are in good hands!


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