How To: Shrinking Leaves Down to Size for Diaromas


Diarama Leaves Reve

Header-1024x882 leaves down to size

Using 1:1 scale leaves and an electric coffee grinder will give you true-to-scale foliage you can use for your next diorama project!

(Image: Diorama.jpg)
The diorama above displays leaves that were created using the process we focus on in this month’s Tips and Techniques. As you can see, this simple step goes a long way in adding an organic and natural feel.
1) (Step 1.jpg) Find an assortment of dried leaves around your house. We recommend using thin leaves such as maple or oak.

Leaves step one
2) (Step 2.jpg) Proceed to grind your leaves in the coffee grinder. You will need to check several times until you reach the desired size. The longer you grind, the smaller the foliage.

Leaves step two
3) (Step 3.jpg) You are all set! Now you have more leaves in your coffee grinder than you do in your front lawn after autumn…but much easier to rake up.

Leaves step three

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