Don’t Get Stuck Without Squadron’s New Superglue!

The very first time I was exposed to superglue was when my dad slashed his finger almost to the bone when he tried to cut off the tip of a Christmas tree and instead almost chopped off a third of his index finger. He called out for my mother to bring him the “Loctite” and he immediately applied a bead of glue onto the wound, pressed it shut, wrapped cigarette paper around it and went on with his business.

As a kid I was fascinated and I remember asking him to put a drop on my thumb so I could press my index finger against it and “feel” the bond. I got a kick out of it every time. These days and with “modern parenting”, they call it child abuse. Back then, it was fun!

Originally, Cyanoacrylates (official chemical name for the glue) were discovered around 1942 when scientists headed by Harry Coover Jr. were searching for materials to make a clear plastic for gun sights. The team stumbled upon a formula that bonded everything that came in contact with it. Later Eastman Kodak commercialized their findings and the first Superglue as we know it was put on the market around 1958. Later the patent was sold to Loctite and the rest is history.

There are a lot of superglues out there in many forms and for many purposes. About 10-15 years ago Cyanoacrylate glue became very popular amongst the crowd of modelers. True, it was around a lot longer but it started to become more accepted and ubiquitous within the world and its plastic population.

Today we have super glues in various consistencies, densities and in all shapes and forms and it became a must for the modeler to have a few different bottles within reach.

Squadron products recently cultivated its own line of superglue. We looked at several factors in modeling and developed 3 glues that will help you in exercising your hobby. We have an Extra Thin Superglue for easy flow and hard to reach places, a Medium for traditional and more customary applications and an Extra Thick one for broader slower use and gap filling.

Personally, I am very happy with the outcome of these 3 products and can assure you that they will do the task they are meant for.

I’m certain at some point I will do a workbench review, explaining in depth the properties of the glues and talk a little bit more about their use. Currently we offer the Superglue in singles and in a 3 pack combo.

So if you’re in need of bonding, try any of our glues and let us know how they work. I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed! Just be careful where you place your elbows.



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  • Thomas

    Hey Jef;
    Got a question for you about how you remove and clean up “Clear” parts and how do you make look as if there are part of the Airframe. Could you maybe do a Video showing how you do it on your models??? “Thanks”!