Stalinesque Renaissance: In box review of ICM’s T-34/76 (1943 early )



Do we really need another T-34? The short answer is, yes! You cannot have enough T-34’s! Plus there is always one that you did not have and that has a special Ruskie trinket welded on.

T-34 ICM2T-34 ICM3

I don’t think I have to elaborate about the importance, development and essence of the T-34 in general. That has been done over and over and is well documented all over the model-builders community. T-34’s have been around for a long time and even today, somewhere in some God forgotten place, there is one that wobbles around on active duty.

ICM’s rendition is all new tooling and its OD plastic is nice and crisp. It comes with a separate top and upper hull, engine deck, easy to assemble suspension and clean well executed road wheels.

DSC_0111          DSC_0117

Driver and co-driver seats are well defined as is the internal part of the gun. The improved hexagonal cast turret has refined implemented surface detail that is true to realism. Although vinyl and not so eagerly received these days, the tracks that are incorporated, are not all that bad. One piece vinyl tracks will work for some, for others it is a sign of lacking true commitment from the manufacturer. In ICM’s case it is no big deal. I’m sure there are off brand companies out there that will supply the correct separate links eventually.

One of the visible features that are supplied with this kit are the very large exhaust covers that served no purpose and were only deemed as a hindrance by the Soviets.

DSC_0104  DSC_0120

A decal sheet is provided with the option to build one of the following four versions; T-34 of the Revolutionary Mongolia tank Bn, winter 1943/44, T-34 of the Komsomolets-Sevoromorerts Tank Bn, winter 1942/43, T-34 Stalingrad front 1942/43 and T-34 of the 5th Guards Tank Corps, Kursk, July 1943.


Overall, it is a nice model that definitely can compete with the offspring from the Big Daddies in the industry. Fit is no problem and assembly is straight forward and easy so you can build multiples without getting tunnel vision.

So order one now at and get that new Squadron Plastic-Weld ready!


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  • Michael Thomas

    Mike T. – I have been collecting and building models for the past 50 years. Mainly American and British military, armor in 1/35, planes in 1/48, helicopters in 1/35 and small landing craft in 1/35. The reason for the post is that I am looking for a long discontinued kit of a LCA British WW II landing craft in 1/35 scale. This kit was produced by Fonderie Miniature and distributed by Squadron. I have the specs and could scratch build one but would prefer to have the kit. Any leads would be appreciated.