In Box Review: Tamiya 1/32 De Havilland Mosquito FB Mk.VI

In the mid 1960’s my parents, who were no movie goers, took me to see ‘633 Squadron.’ That film made an ever lasting impression on me. It was the first full color movie I saw that was all about airplanes. A few years later ‘Mosquito Squadron’ was released and I fell in love with the airplane. Story wise, both movies were a little cheeky but back then, I didn’t care. All I wanted to see was the Mosquito in action!

Now many years later, I can’t even recall how many Mosquito models I have built over time but I’m pretty sure it is in the double digits.

With the announcement of Tamiya’s 1/32nd version, I was quite thrilled because I knew that it would be without question, the best rendition on the market.

The Model

As usual and custom to the Tamiya standard, the box art is again outstanding. You actually have a free and clear painting of the Mosquito in flight that you can cut out and frame.

Inside, the kit features 25 sprues with plastic parts, including the optional transparent cowlings and crystal clear canopy. It comes with exceptional detailed Merlin engines, landing gear, cockpit, gun assembly and wheels.

Also two PE sheets are included to represent all the seat harnesses, cooling vents, wing root intakes and cockpit detail. A laser cut mask is incorporated to mask off the canopy.

The way this kit is engineered, I’m sure there will be more variants in the future. Two decal sheets are present with stenciling and the option to build one of two versions.

The instruction sheet consists out of 25 pages and again to Tamiya’s tradition, is executed phenomenally!

A small booklet is included in full color with pictures of the interior which will be extremely helpful for detailing and painting the cockpit.

I can go on and on about the quality of Tamiya but I don’t want to bore you with my affection for the brand and my interminable sentiment of drooling over it. I think that Tamiya is one of the few companies, if not the only one, that deserves the concept to be branded as “buy sight unseen”.

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Follow-Along Build, Anyone?

Since we, here at Squadron, are planning all kinds of good stuff for the near future and are working diligently to promote products and kits through visual “entertainment”, I decided that the Mosquito would lend itself perfectly to do an online build. Even better, a “Follow-Along Build.”

The idea behind the follow-along build is that any modeler can follow me every week in step by step chapters and if desired build the Mosquito “with me”. My plan is to stay one step ahead you, detailing my processes, and then allow you enough time “follow in my footsteps” and prepare you for the next chapter in the build.

The kind of detail you can expect from me in the "Follow-Along Build"

The kind of detail you can expect from me in the “Follow-Along Build”

Not that my version is to be used as the written manual but it is more meant as a helpful tool or suggestive orientation when building yours.

I am very excited to start this particular project and I already know I am going to enjoy this build to the fullest!

So if you’re in the market to build this “Wooden Wonder” with me, please give our customer service a call at 1-877-414-0434 and pre-order one. Tamiya only allowed us an initial few, but I’m told they’ll be here again by the end of the month! You won’t be disappointed!

Question: Does the “Follow-Along Build” interest you? Whether you’re interested in the Mosquito or not, please comment below if this concept is of interest to you. Thanks!

P.S. Stay Tuned!

P.S.S. Come see us at the 2015 Nats in Columbus!





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  • Rick Ewing

    I like the “Follow-Along Build” idea. This will allow us to see how the build progresses and watch for any pitfalls that may occur. I’m all for this!!

  • Larry Brown

    I like the in box review! Thanks. And I will certainly “follow-along” as you build the plane.

  • Arthur Tweedie

    Absolutely interested. Keep the progress coming!

  • jim altergott
  • jim altergott

    The detail this kit offers is outstanding! tamiya continues to impress with first rate quality in every area, from the user-frieindly instructions, to all the information and history of the subject and of course the mind-blowing detail! look forward to seeing every step of this construction.