Bigger is Better!

I just got my hands on the NEW 1:32 Scale B-24J from HobbyBoss!

Once in a blue moon…not too often; but on occasion, I still get a visit from the Papilionoidea family in my stomach. For me to exclaim this and revealing publicly of having a soft underbelly, the reason must be one of extraordinary proportion and awe-striking visuals.

Well, HobbyBoss’s newly released 1/32nd B-24 is one of those reasons when I’m lost for words, while my eyes are doing most of the work by taking it all in!  The first piece to hit the US is now in my hands and it is quite something to behold. You can PRE-ORDER IT HERE!

By opening the box, immediately I was mesmerized by the sheer size of the kit. Now, I have seen this gargantuan display of testosterone before with the HK’s B-17 and their B-25s.  S till, every time something exceptional appears in the mailbox, my mind goes in overdrive until I become physically paralyzed with the symptoms of styrene addiction! For the outside world, it might seem ridiculous to see a grown-up man drool out of the left corner of his mouth when holding a “toy” airplane – but to me, it is discovering the holy grail all over again! Sad but true.

Anyway, just expressing my feelings, that’s all.

Now, let’s have a look inside of the box. What immediately struck me, other than the “humbling” size of the brute, was the “fineness” of the riveting and panel lines. The’re quite delicately applied. So different than it used to be with their older kits, when rivets were the sizes of melons and panel lines assumed the shape of a WWI trench if you scaled them up.

The kit comes with 19 sprues of finely molded plastic parts, including the clear pieces, a photo etch fret, rubber tires and ammo belts and a colorful decal sheet to build or choose one of three versions.

Cockpit and gun assemblies are well detailed but I’m sure that aftermarket companies will definitely have a field day, jumping at this opportunity with all kinds of goodies.

Instructions seem pretty straight forward with no apparent issues. Again, I can’t testify as far as fitting concerns, if there are any but the way I’m looking at it, if this thing builds like it sits in the box, you’ll definitely have a showstopper adorning your workbench!

I’ve looked at some contemporary pictures and did some quick evaluation and comparisons and at first sight, I do not see any shape or accuracy problems. Once again, this is how I perceive it. Maybe I’m a little bit too prejudiced towards WW2 bombers. They’ve always been one of my favorite subjects. I’m so glad that HobbyBoss took it upon themselves to gift us such impressing piece of aviation history. It is quite a dare these days, to invest in a tool like this. I can only applaud them for the effort and for making me feel 10 again!  Now you can visit and check it out for yourself! CLICK HERE for more information on this impressive kit!


Jef V.

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