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Encore’s 1/48th F6F-5 Hellcat Review

LIMITED EDITION Encore Models 1/48 F6F-5 Hellcat

When I think about a WW2 US Navy fighter, the image of the Hellcat pops up. What the Mustang and Thunderbolt meant for the USAAF, the Hellcat did it for the Navy.

The Grumman F6F Hellcat, nicknamed “Wildcat’s big brother”, was a carrier-based fighter aircraft that a distinguished and very successful career in the Pacific Theater and is credited for downing 5,223 enemy aircraft during its service.

This was more than any other Allied naval fighter. After the war, the Hellcat was withdrawn from the front lines but remained in service as a night fighter until 1954. A total of around 12,200 were built.

For April’s Encore release — we’re proud to introduce our version of the F6F-5 Hellcat.

Beautifully rendered in gull gray plastic with very refined panel lines, the kit comes with extensively detailed R-2800-10W engine.

Sprue_1 (002)

Fully detailed cockpit with optional resin seat, three bladed propeller, clear parts with two versions of windscreens, detailed landing gear with the choice of plastic or resin wheels and the choice of two different cowls. Kit features separate control surfaces, external fuel tank and two 250 lbs bombs. Fit is close to perfect.



Decals are provided for four versions;  F6F-5 of VF-46, USS Independence 1945, F6F-5 of VF-83 USS Essex, 1945, F6F-5 of VF-29, USS Cabot 1945 and F6F-5 of VF-24, US Santee (CVE-29) 1945.


Once I’m finally done in finishing the F-84F Thunderstreak, I’m definitely doing a blog on building the “Cat”.

I’ve been so busy these days in doing all sorts of stuff that I have been neglecting my model building…Like…writing an eBook on the tools you need while model building, which you can download for FREE:


But you know how it goes in life. You can’t win ‘m all! Plus I had to uproot my family to move into a new home and that always comes with a price.

But going forward, once the dust literally settles, I’ll be up and running in no time!

For now, I can only drool over it and fiddle with the plastic. So, for those who are interested out there to build the Hellcat with me in the near future, now is the time to pick one up. We only produced a limited quantity of a 1000 pieces.


Miauww!!! (Cheers)


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  • brummbaer2

    Jeff, I still have some of the really old, original Squadron kits like the Lagg-3 and Boomerang, so I have one question to satisfy my curiosity: Is this kit based on an earlier kit that has a review and build history, or is it a completely original molding like those old kits were (as far as I know)? I guess this question applies to the entire Encore Models line.

    • GSR

      As someone familiar with Hellcat kits, these molds look, at least in the photos, new to me. Hmm. Interesting. Waiting for Jeff’s comment.

    • Tim Wilding

      It does look like one of the Eduard kits according to internet photos. I will have to check mine when I get home to make sure.

    • Crocostimpy

      It’s Eduard. You can see the name (upside down) on the sprue runner in the fuselage shot.

  • chuckfan730

    As someone who’s stash is overflowing with Eduard F6F’s it is an Eduard tooled F6F…A great kit with only a few minor pitfalls one of which will be addressed with the true detail wheels. The TD seats are also a NICE addition. Looking at the Decal sheet I can’t tell if they included any cockpit decals for the Instrument panel or the side panels. They would be a nice touch also…I have built 5 of these and as I think about the builds I can’t remember any problems other than the ones I inflicted myself LOL. Bottom line It’s a Great Kit ….

  • Jef Verswyvel

    Hello guys, yes you are correct. It is the Eduard rendition of the plastic. We wanted a very good kit to represent our Encore edition. Thanks!