Squadron Products: Limited Edition P-40E Warhawk Release

There is no need to introduce the P-40, as it is well known for its history and has been a very thankful subject matter in many books and publications throughout. The Curtiss P-40 Warhawk was an American, single seat, all metal fighter and ground attack aircraft that first flew in 1938.

P-40 Warhawk was the name the USAAF adopted for all models, making it the official name in the United States for all P-40s. The British Commonwealth and Soviet air forces used the name Tomahawk for versions equivalent to the P-40B and P-40C. The name Kittyhawk was given to the P-40D and later variants.

Encore kit.

The ENCORE Curtiss P-40E kit is based on the old ERTL styrene. Although an older tooled kit, the surface detail is very refined with very nicely rendered panel lines. Resin parts were added for the intake, top scoop and cockpit so it would help update the plastic and support with the conversion. In the next couple of days I will conduct a quick build of this kit in my follow up blog.

DSC_0176 robert-scott

A four page color instruction booklet is included and decal sheet to make a choice out of 4 versions; P-40E, Colonel Robert L Scott, CO 23rd FG, China Summer 1942. P-40E, Colonel Robert L Scott “Old Exterminator”, Assam, India, April-May 1942. P-40E Captain Joseph J Kruzel, Squadron Leader 9th FS “Dragon Flight” Australia, 1942 and P-40E, Captain Sidney S. Woods, CO 9th FS/49th FG, New Guinea, 1943.


Since Encore only had the availability of 400 bagged shots, we decided to make it a very limited rendition and numbered them 1-400. These kits can only be found at Squadron and are first come, first serve. We anticipate for these kits to sell our very quickly, so be sure to move fast if you want to add this historic bird to your collection!

P-40E kit

Squadron Products has more kit releases planned this year and the next one up is another one that I’m very excited about that will be released at the end of May. We will only run a thousand of this long overdue re-release so it might not be a bad idea to “mark your calendar” and stay tuned since we have had many requests to bring this one back.

All in all, with this first release, we hope to give some of the older kits a new shot in life. So get it while you can! 400 will be gone in a heartbeat!

To be continued…..



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  • jonbius

    I noticed in the product listing the photo of the cowl appears to be the F model of the P-40, judging by the lack of an upper carb intake. AMT released both a short and long tailed version of the P-40F. Is the plastic in the bag the short or long tailed version?

  • Jef

    Thanks for pointing that out. It might be the longer version. We did include the top scoop and intake. we’ll look into it. Thanks for the feedback

    • jonbius

      Thanks Jef!

  • jonbius

    Hey Jef- any word on the fuselage? I went ahead and ordered one- I figured the decals and resin are useful no matter what the fuselage is. And you can never have enough P-40s!

    • Jef

      It is the longer fuselage. Thanks again for pointing that out. Hope lot of the guys will think like you. It’s a collectable now since we only have less than 75 left. Decals and resin are nice. Plastic different version. Again appreciate the feedback.

      • jonbius

        OK, thanks. It’s still a cool kit. Plenty of F/L decals out there too. Thanks!

  • Mark O Williams

    Wait a sec… Are you saying that Squadron/Encore marketed, and sold a “P-40E” kit, with decals for a “P-40E”, but the plastic is actually for a longer (or, stretched if you will) P-40F/L? Wow. (I bought one too. Just opened the box when I got home from work.)

  • Richard Bell

    When you do your bulid/review of the P-40 kit, do you think you could include the modifications to the tail necessary to backdate the F to an E? I have an idea where I would need to cut and splice to shorten the tail, but I wouldn’t mind a little reassurance that I would be doing it the right way. I’m afraid that I must agree with Mark Williams. This does seem like an odd oversight, using the plastic for an extended tail P-40 to represent the E model, especially since you have gone to the trouble to add the resin parts to correct the cowling. The differences in the tail section are covered in the Squadron “In Action” books.

  • blackdog62

    So the to be continued p-40 build will be here for us to follow ?
    I purchased 2 so I would like to build 1 and keep 1 in the stash.
    #157 & #158