In Box Review: Meng Ford F-350


After WW2 Ford Motors looked into the possibility to commercialize the experience they accumulated from their military production. In 1948 Ford introduced its first F-Series pickup truck. F- Series have had an avid fan base and have been best sellers ever since their inception. With their excellent capabilities and multi purpose design, they have become top sellers in the world and placed themselves at the top of the competition in North- America for the last 37 years.

To further expand the commercial vehicle market, Ford developed a brand new line of F-Series trucks; the Ford Super Duty. While the F-150 focused more towards family usage, the Ford Super Duty; F-250, F-350, F-450 and F-550 lends itself more towards commercial use.

The F-350 is one of the more versatile amongst the F-Series pickups, sporting three different cabs. The Super Cab and Crew Cab also come in two different chassis lengths. To further satisfy the customer needs, the F-350 offered SRW (single rear wheel) and DWB (dual rear wheel) configurations. For the SRW trucks Ford replaced the front leaf suspension with a coil spring set up which reduces the beams vibration and stroke. Updated steering gear and improved internal valves helped the overall feel of the steering. The DRW has higher load capabilities then the SRW and can haul a trailer to increase weight even further. The chassis of the DRW was developed into a special series; the Chassis Cab with all kind of configurations and options including a tipping bucket and power take off or fire fighting and ambulance packages.

The Model

With every new release, Meng never stops to amaze us. Again so, with this kit. Packaged in their well known professional way, when opening the box, you’ll immediately get the feel of quality without having to look at the pieces. Rendered in immaculately injection molded black plastic and chrome, the parts look very exquisite.

Meng’s F-350 consists out of 7 sprues, separate cab and chassis in black plastic, 1 sprue in grey and 1 in chrome and 1 sprue with clear parts. Five rubber tires, self adhesive mirror faces, a small mask to cover the front window and a decal with instrument faces, sporting and brand name stickers. The model is detailed to the brim with; highly detailed engine, drive train and radiator, exhaust system, suspension and axles. A complete detailed interior with dashboard, seats, separate inner door covers, choice to open and close hood with total access to engine and extremely nice chrome work for rims, grill and bumpers. Instruction sheet is professional and very clear. Comes with color scheme sheet for three versions.


Although I’m not a car fan and start to develop tunnel vision towards armor and aircraft, I must admit that this kit is state of the art and even myself feel tempted to build one! Apparently Meng is not afraid to tackle subjects that others (manufacturers) will simply letting pass the revue and they do it well. Let’s hope that this is the beginning for Meng to do the whole F-Series and choose the F-150 as their next subject. I’m sure there will be a lot of takers!


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