In Box Review: Kittyhawk 1:32 T-6 Texan


The T-6 “TEXAN” or “HARVARD” as it was nicknamed served all over the world with different Air Forces mainly as a trainer but also as a ground attack platform. The T-6 is what we can call a “real airplane”. Beautiful in shape and timeless. You never get tired looking at it. With Kitty Hawk’s release of the “TEXAN” in 1/32nd scale, many modeler’s dream came to fruition!

History of The T-6 Texan

The North American Aviation T-6 was derived from the North American NA-16 prototype, which flew first in April 1935. The first model went into production around 1937 as the BC-1 and as Harvard- I (RAF).

The US Navy received 16 modified T-6, designated as SNJ-I and later 60 more SNJ-2’s (different engine). More modifications followed until it finally received the designation ofAT-6 (Advanced Trainer). The differences between the AT-6 and the BC-1 were new outer wing panels with a swept forward trailing edge, squared-off wingtips and a triangular rudder, producing the canonical Texan silhouette. After a change to the rear of the canopy, the AT-6 was designated the Harvard II for RAF/RCAF orders and 1,173 were supplied by sale or under the lend lease program. The T-6 was powered by a Pratt & Whitney R-1340-49 Wasp radial engine and served in many capacities within the U.S. Air Force as trainer, test bed for instrumentation, gunnery training and forward air control aircraft during the Vietnam War. The T-6 had a widespread and long career as a training platform over the European country side. Other third world nations ultimately used the T-6 as ground attack and ground support aircraft. Many “TEXANS” are still flying today in the hands private pilots and are frequent guests at air shows all over the world.

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About The 1/32 T-6 Texan From Kittyhawk

Kitty Hawk did a superb job in rendering this kit and it easily deserves the designation “as good as it gets!” Packaged in a colorful box are 6 finely molded sprues in light grey plastic. 1 separate “black box” with clear parts, and a little PE fret representing seat belts. The plastic components are crisp and detail is exquisite! Rarely do we see rivets and panel lines so finely done on a model.

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kittyhawk-1-32-AT6-Texan-inbox-review-pic5-1024x680 four a

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Kitty Hawk receives a 10 solely based on that! The kit comes with an extensive detailed cockpit, Instrument panel, radial engine, exhaust system, two optional upper forward fuselage decks (SNJ variant), crystal clear canopy (open), 6 xT-10 rockets, 2 x MATRA 122 Rocket launchers, 4 x 250kg bombs, 20 gallon drop tank and left and right 7.7 gun pods.

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bombs two

The instructions are very clear and contain 8 color profiles for the following versions;

-USAAF, TA-349, US Navy, SNJ-5 USS Carl Vinson VC-10,U.S Marines, SNJ-5 “war Dog”, CAF, Goldlocks Aerobatic Team, Germany AF, Harvard Mk.II Aerobatic Team, Italian AF T-6G, MM54101, South Africa AF and RAF, Harvard.II, FT-239. Two sets of decals are provided for the above versions and stenciling. A smaller decal sheet provides nose art and instrumentation facings to be “sandwiched” between instrument panel.

kittyhawk-1-32-AT6-Texan-inbox-review-instructions kittyhawk-1-32-AT6-Texan-inbox-review-decals


This release is one of the finest on the market as far as detail. Especially on fuselage and wings. Rivets and panel lines are so pristine, crisp and to scale that this kit is a “must have” if 1/32nd radial airplanes is your thing. Grab one while you can! You buy  the 1/32 scale T-6 Texan from Kittyhawk at


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