Floatplanes have always been fascinating to me. There is no particular reason for it other than I like big puddles of water and I like airplanes so something must have connected in my brain to put those two together.

WWII floatplanes were cumbersome. No matter if they were American, German, Japanese or British, most of them consisted out of some serious mass, hence the name “flying boats.”

Building one of those titans even in 1/72nd is quite an undertaking and if you are a fan of that subject, you might have to consider constructing an addition to your house just to display them.

But then there were the medium floaters like the “Duck”, the “Seamew”, “Widgeons”, “Seagulls”, “Seahawks”, the “Goose” and some other waterfowl that lend themselves better to find a place on your shelf without being knocked off or graze your eyeball with their wings when you pass by.

Over the years we received a lot of requests to release the Grumman Goose again. Although an older kit, the subject matter is still very popular amongst modelers. So we decided to do a final run of a 1000 kits.

Check out my quick video on the Goose:

We’ve cleaned up the tools, made new moulds for the resin pieces. The resin consists out of replacement engines, cockpit bulkhead, sidewalls, pilot and passenger seats, exhaust stacks, bomb pylons and bulged wheels, all to be used as an option and to give it a more accurate look.


And we had Cartograf print a new batch of decals. You have a choice to choose one of 4 versions; US. Coast Guard, Cuban Navy, Swedish or US Army Air Force WWII.


The plastic sprues are molded in light grey styrene and contain upper and lower wings, fuselage halves, separate rudder, detailed engines, wheels, props, separate nacelles, wing floaters etc.


Once built, the Grumman Goose looks impressive to say the least. A floatplane is almost always a thankful subject matter for a diorama and the “Goose” fits right into that category.

So if you are looking for something special, away from the usual suspects, you should consider picking one up. Once they’re gone, they’re gone! So get one while you still can! Please click HERE to pick one up today!


Jef V



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