Exciting New Release By Squadron Products !

Encore Models Re-releases the Czech Model T-50 Bobcat

Once in a blue moon a kit comes around that brings back nostalgic recollections. Not necessarily the kit itself but things associated with it. Like smells or songs or a place in time. Nothing serious really, just the pleasant feeling that you can relive a happy moment because of a model you’re building.

Now before I drift too far down the tunnels of a farfetched melancholian cosmos, I still would like to reminisce a little bit into the past.

Squadron’s Encore re-released the 1/48th Czech Model T-50 Bobcat. Now I’m almost sure that most of you, myself included, have at least one thing on our mind associated with this particular plane and that is, Sky king!

The 1950’s series about the Cessna T-50 “Songbird”, her heroic pilot Schuyler “Sky” King and his niece Penny who in an innocent voluptuous way made young boys shove their chair a little closer to the TV. The chronicles of the “Flying Rancher” who came to the rescue of many who found themselves in a pickle.

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“Sky King” starred Kirby Grant as Schuyler “Sky” King and Gloria Winters. “

Several years ago Squadron released “Songbird” for the first time and simultaneously made three resin sets available under the True detail label. It was an instant success and the kit sold out almost immediately. After some velvety “pressure” from the model community, I’m happy to announce that it is available again. Even better, it is split up in two versions:


The Standard version  includes resin seats, a choice of two engine facings, props, exhausts, wheels and interior.


The Premium version includes all of the above plus three extra resin sets. One “songbird” interior with the rancher’s accoutrements like rifle, gun belt and holster, lasso and bag. A “Bamboo Bomber’ interior featuring radio equipment and last but not least, a control surfaces set.

Both decals and resin will give you the choice to build either version.

Marking Options

All in all 1000 kits will be produced, 700 standard and 300 premiums.

So if you want to relive a little bit of your childhood, if you’re a fan of Sky King or if you just want to display one on your night stand so you can look at it when you wake up, now is the time to harvest the kit before it will be classified into the dark corners of Squadron’s catacombs. We expect it will sell fast, so don’t miss out!

Grab Your Standard or Premium Bamboo Bomber NOW!

Question: What kind of nostalgic warm and fuzzies do you have about this plane? Please let the community hear from you via the comments below!




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