Days of Thunder [Sixth Edition]

Building Encore’s 1/48th F-84F Thunderstreak. Pt.VI


Once I got done painting, it was time to put the “stickers” on. I always enjoy this moment because I realize the end is near and I can start the only thing that I really look forward to. Weathering!



Looking at the extensive colorful decal sheet I already could visualize how the F-84 was going to look once I would be done with it.

The decals are excellent but very delicate. I only had a few “minor” issues with it. When I cut out the first piece which was half of the red and yellow band that fits around the intake, almost immediately sweat drops started to form on my forehead. The sheet was missing the other half! That looked promising!

But no biggie, I just airbrushed the intake with the black, yellow and red Belgian colors. Actually placing a decal around a round conical shape is not always easy, so most of the time it is better to airbrush it anyway.

As I mentioned, decals are very good but delicate and extra care is advisable in placing them. These are not for the un-patient! Still the result is fabulous and although there is a lot of film around some of the detail, especially around the day-glow stripes, once dry and sealed, you won’t see a thing. Make sure though that the surface is smooth.

I tried to “buff” the paint with 12,000th sandpaper and this works! Be careful though, but you actually can reduce the “pebbling” of the paint tremendously. After applying some Micro-set, the decals conform perfectly around the detail of the kit.


The only other remarks I have with the decals are the ones that fit the tail. The angle is a little off and need to be adjusted. That by itself is a little frustrating but doable. Other than that, decals are just fantastic!


Now it is time to airbrush a clear coat of Vallejo Polyurethane Satin Varnish to seal everything and the F-84 Thunderstreak is ready for what I have been craving to do for a long time.


So, finally I can see the end… Bear with me for one more chapter to this build before we can put this project in our showcase.

Have a great Easter!






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  • John Griesbacker

    Looks like a great build but the decal stripes for the trailing edges and the tail are orange but look red in your photos – shouldn’t they be red?

  • Jef Verswyvel

    The stripes on the real airplane were a little bit darker but still dayglo. Unfortunately when printing the decals, there is no correct pantone color to match this so we had to go with a tint lighter. Thanks!