Days of Thunder [Third Edition]

Building Encore’s 1/48th F-84F Thunderstreak. Pt.III

Well, I bit off more than I could chew when I promised to finish the kit within 3 sessions. I also want to throw in the excuse of my family moving to a new place and all the fantastic things that come with it.

Packing, lifting, carrying stuff up and down stairs, cleaning, unpacking and always looking for that one box that you had put essentials in and that you can’t find amidst the chaos, even if your life depended on it!

Then there is exhaustion and discovering muscles that hurt in all the wrong places. Being out of breath doesn’t help either what by itself causes shaky hands. So I’m a little cranky at the moment. Not a good combination when you have to apply paint.

However, all is not lost and it allows me to take a deeper look and search for the right colors. Plus, there is some masking to do and I still have to close the canopy. I only hope I didn’t disappoint anybody with being behind schedule.


I opted to do the box art version. It is very colorful and I always liked the “NATO Camouflage”. That combined with the very bright demo version of the Belgian Air Force F-84F, will turn it into an eye catcher!

In the next chapter, I will elaborate more on the right colors to use for this particular version and if any mixing needs to be done.

For now I’m going to mask the canopy which is the only major task to be done before airbrushing. So get those Badgers and Iwatas dusted off and let’s have some real fun!





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