Days of Thunder [Final Edition]

Building Encore’s 1/48th F-84F Thunderstreak. Pt.VII


Well, here you have it! I was finally able to finish the F-84F Thunderstreak. It took me a while but after countless distractions, most of them derived from my ever wandering mind, I am proud to say that the Streak is at long last behind glass!

After airbrushing a model, there is always a period where I get cold feet. Although weathering to me is the ultimate joy of building a model, something always makes me quiver when reaching for the old raw umber oil tube.

After painstakingly constructing a kit and adding a factory new layer of paint to it, slapping a wash over the entire surface, not always is without risk.

But then again, “rien sans peine!” So I made a mixture of enamel thinner and raw umber and filled the panel lines.

F-84 final 1

F-84 Final 2

F-84 Final 3

Make sure you only do certain areas that you can finish before thinking of taking a break. For instance, the left front of the fuselage or the top of the right wing. It doesn’t matter, as long you “work” a spot that you feel comfortable with completing.

I let it dry for about 10 – 15 minutes and then wiped the overage off with the tip of my finger wrapped in a piece of cloth. This method still works for me. I like to work with oils but am also experimenting with all kinds of washes. More in future blogs.

After I removed the excess raw umber, I gently “dry”brushed raw umber oil with a #4 brush along some of the panel lines. Make sure the brush is new,  very dry and most of the oil is removed. Don’t brush  everywhere but in some key areas.

This will bring the paint really to life. It is not hard to do. Just “stroke” in the direction of the panel lines until you create a very faint streak of oil paint. If it is too dark or too much, simply take a dry #6 brush and start blending.

F-84 final 4

Where there are control surfaces or access panels, I let a mix of enamel thinner and Humbrol flat black #33 run its course. When dry and there is a little overflow on the edges, just repeat the step of wiping it off with a moist rag.

Chipping was done with raw umber and silver oil paint or printers ink. The raw umber breaks the brightness a little of the silver and doesn’t make too shiny. There are other chipping methods out there. Whatever gets the job done and you’re happy with, that’s what counts.

F-84 final 5

F-84 Final 6

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F-84 final 7

F-84 final 8

Now it was just a matter of gluing all the remaining parts in place like the wheel doors, pitot tube and dive breaks.

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All in all, even after it took so long to complete (no excuse!) it was a fun build. I enjoyed it very much. The kit really fits well together. There are some minor shortcomings that can easily be fixed but overall, I had a good time with it.

F-84 Final lead

Hope you all enjoyed it. With my next project,  I’ll be going a little bit more in detail and explain some more tricks !

Have a beer!


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  • Rick Ewing

    I enjoyed this very much. I always like learning about different techniques and watch how other people do things. Thanks for sharing!