Sometimes it happens just like that. There isn’t any good reason for it to happen, nor is there any warning, but it does. It could happen to you or me or someone we care about like a family member or maybe a friend. This time it happened to Jason. Jason is a co-worker but first […]

Squadron Salutes ALL U.S. Veterans – Past and Present


For many Americans, the transition from May to June marks the unofficial start of summer. The long Memorial Day weekend affords people time to enjoy rest and recreation. As it goes every year, you will undoubtedly read mindless facts about Memorial Day weekend. You’ll read about the likes of how many millions of travelers are […]

Squadron Partners With Happy Joe!

We’re Proud to be Supporting Military Veterans! Squadron is excited to announce a newly formed partnership with Happy Joe! Happy Joe is a non-profit organization with a mission to recruit, mentor, and deploy military veterans in the web technology industry. Most military veterans don’t want a hand out and be sent on their way; they […]

Blind as a Bat!

“Stop squinting!” I hear it all the time. My wife, my kids, my friends, everyone keeps on me about it. And then I realize, I’m getting vision impaired. It is hard to admit but I have reached or should I say, left, the ranks of the 20/20 jet-set. There was a time when I was […]

In Memoriam

Well, 2014 is officially behind us now and the hype of the holidays is gently winding down. For me, lots of stuff happened. Some good some less than good but in all honesty, I can’t complain. 2014 was a great year. However 2014 had also a sad ending for me for I lost two of […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas   To all my fellow (and girls) modelers, our team here at Squadron wanted to extend heartfelt wishes to all of you and your families. We thank you for your continuous support and business and in return we will do our absolute best to serve you even better going forward. Myself, I wish […]