Days Of Thunder!

Building Encore’s 1/48th F-84F Thunderstreak. Pt.I

F-84F Thunderstreak

Not too long ago I was tasked to come up with a new subject for our Encore line. Anything, they said, as long as it is an airplane. Having a carte blanche once in a while is not a bad thing and since the Powers That Be weren’t looking all that closely that day, I […]


Floatplanes have always been fascinating to me. There is no particular reason for it other than I like big puddles of water and I like airplanes so something must have connected in my brain to put those two together. WWII floatplanes were cumbersome. No matter if they were American, German, Japanese or British, most of them […]

Ship ahoi!

Last October I attended the Ihobby show in Chicago. As we were setting up our booth and display, a crate arrived from the Meng factory in China. In it was a build-up model of their latest release; the Crossing, based on the latest John Woo film. I hadn’t heard of the movie but the factory […]

Stalinesque Renaissance: In box review of ICM’s T-34/76 (1943 early )

Zdrastvooyte!   Do we really need another T-34? The short answer is, yes! You cannot have enough T-34’s! Plus there is always one that you did not have and that has a special Ruskie trinket welded on. I don’t think I have to elaborate about the importance, development and essence of the T-34 in general. […]

The Top 4 Reasons To Give Squadron’s New Plastic Weld A Go

The days of Velpon and Britfix 77, when you were gluing a model and strands of jelly gum draped off your model are long gone. These days, when you’re building a kit, you are using plastic cement or even better, plastic weld. No matter the appropriate nomenclature, when you apply plastic weld or cement, you […]

In Box Review: Meng Russian Terminator

Meng Russian “Terminator” FIRE SUPPORT COMBAT VEHICLE BMPT 1/35TH   In the early 1960’s, infantry fighting vehicles appeared, which represented a substantive improvement of infantry’s combat vehicles in firepower. Through time, experience on the battlefields and the change of tactics, ground forces were ready for a new type of weapon; the Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle. […]