Days Of Thunder!

Building Encore’s 1/48th F-84F Thunderstreak. Pt.I

F-84F Thunderstreak

Not too long ago I was tasked to come up with a new subject for our Encore line. Anything, they said, as long as it is an airplane. Having a carte blanche once in a while is not a bad thing and since the Powers That Be weren’t looking all that closely that day, I […]

Squadron Salutes ALL U.S. Veterans – Past and Present

For many Americans, the transition from May to June marks the unofficial start of summer. The long Memorial Day weekend affords people time to enjoy rest and recreation. As it goes every year, you will undoubtedly read mindless facts about Memorial Day weekend. You’ll read about the likes of how many millions of travelers are […]

A Dart from the Guard!

Trumpeter’s 1/48th Scale F-106A Delta Dart – Click Here to Order. Finally here! After a 30 year “reign” of Revell/ Monogram’s F-106, we have a new “kit” on the block. RM’s Dart is not the easiest model to assemble but shape wise it was the best. Until now. Trumpeter took it to a whole new level […]

In Box Review: Meng Russian Terminator

Meng Russian “Terminator” FIRE SUPPORT COMBAT VEHICLE BMPT 1/35TH   In the early 1960’s, infantry fighting vehicles appeared, which represented a substantive improvement of infantry’s combat vehicles in firepower. Through time, experience on the battlefields and the change of tactics, ground forces were ready for a new type of weapon; the Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle. […]

In Box Review: Meng FT-17 Light Tank

  History of the French FT-17 Light Tank In September 1916, when World War I was in full swing, the British introduced the first tank to the battle field, launching a new era of mechanized warfare. France had developed a few trials but these vehicles proved very early on to be unsatisfactory. Colonel Jean Batiste […]

In Box Review: Roden 1:72 Fairchild C-123 Provider

Ever since WWII, cargo planes played an imperative role during wars or conflicts. A steady stream of supplies, say it in manpower or provisions, make all the difference and in some cases can determine the outcome of battle. However the majority of them only had limited capacity and were very inefficient as far as loading […]

In Box Review: Kittyhawk 1:32 T-6 Texan

  The T-6 “TEXAN” or “HARVARD” as it was nicknamed served all over the world with different Air Forces mainly as a trainer but also as a ground attack platform. The T-6 is what we can call a “real airplane”. Beautiful in shape and timeless. You never get tired looking at it. With Kitty Hawk’s […]

In Box Review: Meng 1:35 M2A3 Bradley with Busk III

In April 1972, the U.S. Army launched a bidding progression for a new Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV). In November of that same year the U.S. Army accepted FMC Corporation’s design and signed a development contract. Tests were conducted in 1976 by the Army and modifications and required improvements were made to the prototype (XM723), replacing […]