Birds and Bovines

Squadron Signal Continues To Be A Great Reference For Modelers

In one of my previous blogs I explained how, many years ago, I came across Squadron Signal publications in my country of birth, Belgium. As a young and dyed-in-the-wool  modeler I had never seen anything like it. Back then, as many hobbyists of my generation will concur, there was not much available as far as […]

To Win Or Not To Win

Can Showing Your Model Without Anxiety Be Just As Exciting As Winning? - I Say Yes!

I used to be a big competitor at model shows when I was a lot younger.  I would go above and beyond and most of the time to the extreme, to win the coveted 1st prize. Usually a $3.75 award with an engraved plaque that announced in a burnished manner that you were the Kaiser […]

Raining Plastic From China

Great Quality and Well Rendered - Hobby Boss and Trumpeter Are Destined For a Bright Future

When Trumpeter and HobbyBoss first came out with their larger kits, I think it revolutionized, or should I say, catapulted the hobby into the 21st century. For the longest time, the industry was in a dull place as far as styrene kits were concerned. Nothing was really moving and new releases other than resin updates […]

Tool Mania

Why Modelers Need So Many Tools

Why do we need so many different tools to build a model? I remember a time when a potato knife and my mother’s nail file sufficed to finish the task. Sometimes I got really lucky and found some leftover scraps of sandpaper in my dad’s toolbox that he used to sand the rust off his […]

Here’s How To Finally Get What You Want This Christmas

Gift receiving in the holiday season is a tough thing to manage. Especially for us modelers. You have all these things you want, but how do you tell everyone what you want without knowing who is purchasing for you and more importantly – what they’re buying for you! Yes. Life is tough as a modeler. […]

Airbrush Anxiety!

I wonder if it is the same with you, but whenever I’m ready to airbrush, I get the shivers! After all the work that I’ve put into my project, mostly weeks or even months, it is time to pull the trigger. I’ve been around for a while doing this and during that period I have […]

Customer Service Chronicles

After a combined career of nearly 50 years with the company, Macky and Joyce are retiring from their position as customer service representatives and will soon move on to enjoy life to the fullest. They both left a mark here at MMD-Squadron and they both will be missed. Never have I seen two more dedicated employees at […]