Which Scale is the Right Scale?

Bigger is better — is the common motto of many individuals seeking the best products – but is that always true? Sometimes bigger is actually better – when it comes to trucks, tanks and more. But sometimes, bigger isn’t always better. Those aiming to build something on a grand scale may forget to pay attention to details, resulting in a large, yet sloppy project. There’s beauty, detail and power in small packages as well – for example, today’s mobile phones which are only mere inches; outperform massive computers of years past. Today’s aircraft used by the US military are thinner, lighter, more nimble, and able to deliver more damage despite their smaller size.

When choosing your next modelling project, you might be tempted to “go big” – but there are several considerations you should take into account when determining the scale of your next modelling project.

• Details – The level of detail for your tank, car, or airplane model isn’t necessarily determined by the size. With modern modelling kits and manufacturing technology, combined with advanced modelling tools; it’s possible to reach realistic levels of detail on even the smallest scales. Likewise, larger models don’t always have the highest levels of detail. Realistic detail is possible with models of all scales.

• Difficulty – Large scale models generally have more components, compared to small scale models. However, larger scale models tend to use larger pieces, making it easier to assemble, especially for those lacking dexterity. Again – there’s a wide range of difficulty levels in both small and large scale models.

• Resources – Large scale model kits are going to require more supplies to construct – more model paint, more glue, and more decals. If you’re purchasing a large scale model kit, it’s a wise decision to order additional supplies at the same time to ensure you have the resources necessary for completion.

• Display – Finally, think about where you want your model to be displayed. Large scale models are certainly majestic, but the size limits display options, and you may have to buy a large-scale display case. Smaller models can easily fit on your desk, bookshelf and more; allowing you to show off your models to all.

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