The return of the Silver Saucer!


If you’ve read my previous blog about the Haunebu II, you have a pretty good idea of what it was all about back then, when Germany desperately was looking for a way out and leave it all behind.

The interesting topic however but what if it would have happened? Scary thought but it also opens up a whole new dimension.

An era where civilian primitive spaceflight would have taken place and expeditions for new horizons came into play, while still under the dark cloak of a victorious Germany.

We took this topic into consideration when we released the second version of the Haunebu II. A non-military platform gives the modeler or Sci-Fi aficionado a broader spectrum when building the flying saucer. It also creates the possibility to use this configuration outside the Haunebu saga and adapt it to any storyboard you might think of, as long as it includes green skinny figures with long fingers!

The “civilian” version comes with a rather extensive, resin update set where the modeler has the choice to replace all military trimmings and convert it into a more “peaceful” contraption.

Once painted silver, I’m sure it will become more and more familiar territory and allows you a trip back to yesteryear when movies like “The Day, The Earth Stood Still” and “The Man From Planet X” drew crowds and your only worry would be, dropping your girlfriend off before curfew.

Still, once built and decaled, it quite looks the part. The decals and paint scheme that come with the kit are just fantastic and with the resin conversion in place, it’s an extremely impressive conversation piece!

As I mentioned in my previous blog, Sci-Fi was totally lost on me over the years but now after building both Haunebus, I regret that particular black hole in my life complete and utterly!

So, if you’re still in doubt that this kit is not what you’re looking for, you might be mistaken and miss out on a very mysterious part of history.

Try and build one and you’ll understand immediately what I’m talking about!

“Klaatu Barrada Nikto!”



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