Miniature Marvels

How Tiny subjects Can Tell Big Stories

Military miniatures and model figurines are a common sight in high-quality, detailed dioramas; allowing modelling to complete a scene with intense levels of realism. There are many types of modelling figurines and figures available, ranging from World War II soldiers in the battlefield to historic figure busts representing some of history’s most renowned generals and leaders. But that’s only the beginning of what’s available in the world of modelling miniatures and figurines!

When most people think of model figures, they think of military figures – busts of famous faces or everyday soldiers, to miniatures in every scale depicting different types of military units. However, the world of figurines has expanded significantly – now, there’s a wide selection of model figures for sci-fi enthusiasts and good deal of kits devoted to popular culture characters like Grandpa Munster.

New technology and advancements from manufacturers ICM and MiniArt has allowed great levels of detail, making many of the model figures suitable as display pieces as well as part of military dioramas. New modelling miniatures have such a great level of detail that in the hands of a skilled painter the model becomes art. One of the greatest joys of the hobby is learning to paint with a level of realism that would astonish people who have never seen it done before. There are techniques to blend colors together, make objects look weathered and beaten, and to mimic the play of light and shadow across the model. The options are only limited by your creativity – both realism and fantasy are possible with today’s modelling miniatures and model paint options.

In addition to simply painting a single figure or bust, many modelers enjoy making dioramas, which are small scenes made with the models and pieces of scenery. A well-made diorama tells a story as well as any painting. Like all modeling, the devil is in the details when it comes to diorama building. Not only do good modelers focus on how well the military diorama figures are painted, but the details of the scene have to be perfect, too. From trees and grass to houses, vehicles, and even animals, there is a world of detail a modeler can design to bring realism and depth to their dioramas.

Working with model figurines and military miniatures brings a new aspect to the hobby of modelling. While not as popular as model aircraft or cars, working with modelling miniatures is a rewarding hobby that many hobbyists take pride in – either working with model figures alone or as part of a scene. Whether you are interested in military history, both modern and past, or topics like science fiction, movies, television, or even just fun figures, Squadron offers model figures out to match every interest!


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