Laziness and open paint bottles.

I have been accused, pointed a finger at and wrist-slapped so many times for leaving my paint bottles open. Yet I still do it! For some obscure reason, putting the paint caps back on isn’t something I take too serious at all. Don’t ask me why, but I don’t ever seem to learn! The backlash from this behavior is flat-out preposterous!

First of all, it becomes expensive. Good paint isn’t cheap. Every time I buy a bottle of paint, I promise myself to be conservative and make it last until I open it. Then, a couple days later I’ll find myself using my nice set of curved tweezers to pluck out the gunk when the tip is caked shut. Twisting and turning, using choice language, all the while ruining my $19 tool in the process! Why do you ask? Because I’m too lazy to stand up and fetch a nail from the garage. Still, I’ll do it again!  The ultimate inconvenience is having no paint when you need it.

Then I go through phases where I have lucid moments and realize that I should close my twenty or so open paint bottles that have been open for quite some time. When I’m done, the pleasantry radiates and the sensation of satisfaction it generates makes me gaze at the paint bottles like they are my children, all cleaned up and ready for Sunday mass. I even talk to them like; ‘there you go!” and “this is nice.” Feeling proud because they have their little hats back on, only to discover a few days later that their insides turned into muck or diaphanous blubber!

Will I ever learn? I would like to think so but I doubt it. I am always so caught up in the moment of painting my model, that I forget or postpone, cleaning up my mess. Laziness is a well-known factor too. I’m not proud to admit it but I can stare at an open paint can for five minutes, 6 inches away from my hand and still postpone closing it, just because I am in a comfortable position and don’t want to compromise the way I rest my arm.

I wonder if I’m an isolated case. It would be hard to accept, that I’m the only one. Yet it wouldn’t surprise me at all, nor would it change my behavior.

Oh well, it could be worse. I could leave my airbrush dirty after using it.

Wait a minute…




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