Here’s How To Finally Get What You Want This Christmas

Gift receiving in the holiday season is a tough thing to manage. Especially for us modelers.

You have all these things you want, but how do you tell everyone what you want without knowing who is purchasing for you and more importantly – what they’re buying for you!

Yes. Life is tough as a modeler. But, after all, everyone wants to get what they want.

And NO ONE wants to deal with the stress, hassle, and anxiety of having to return something that they don’t want.

BREAKING NEWS – One way that you can actually get what you want and communicate to all of your potential gift buyers is to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and create a traditional wish list.

Okay, so this is NOT BREAKING NEWS. Everyone knows what a wish list is.

And many of you have probably seen online wish lists on websites that you can create and share.

The problem in either case is that if your gift-givers don’t communicate – you may receive the same gift from more than one person.

Awkward. Check. Stressful. Check. Annoying. Check!

Do you trust your mom, wife, or sister to purchase the right model and accessories for you? Me neither.

Would you occasionally like to actually be surprised again for Christmas – if only a little bit? Me too!

Well, you’re in luck. I have a solution for you. There is a way to solve this.


Build your wish list with Google Docs!

For those of you that don’t know about or use Google Docs…don’t worry, it’s simple. If I can do it, trust me, you can too.

So, what is Google Docs? It is a free Web-based application in which documents and spreadsheets can be created, edited and stored online.

Files can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection and a full-featured Web browser.

So, your Modeling Christmas list – let’s get to it.

Before I walk you through the steps – if you don’t already have a Google account, you set one up really quick by clicking here.

Once you have a Google account, you’re ready to get started.

Here’s How To Make Your Modeling Christmas Wish List in 5 Easy Steps!

  1. Click HERE to get started creating your wish list
  2. Click the Start a new spreadsheet/blank icon. (Click the image below if you’d like to view a larger version of it).
  3. START A NEW GOOGLE DOCS SPREADSHEET Fill out your header columns by listing the following:
  • The Item #
  • The Link (to the item)
  • How Much
  • Who Purchased

Note: You’ll leave the ‘Who Purchased’ column blank. This will be filled in by the person that buys you your goodies! More on this in a sec. (Click the image below if you’d like to view a larger version of it).


4. List the item numbers, links to the products (just copy and paste from the website), the price, in the appropriate columns. Once you’re done filling out your wishlist; click the blue Share button in the upper right hand corner of your document.

You will then see this window pop up:

Share with others

5. Simply enter in the email addresses of your own personal Santas and click the blue ‘Done’ button when you’re done.

Voilà. That’s all there is to it!

Now all of your list recipients can access it – there is no sign in required!

Once someone on your distribution list purchases you an awesome model or accessory at – they simply list their name on your list as the purchaser, hit the ‘Enter’ button on their keyboard, and the document will automatically save.

Now, all your Santas will know what has already been purchased. No more duplicates and you get what you want!

I’d say that’s a start to a very Merry Christmas!

P.S. If you found this helpful, please pass along to your fellow modelers.


Jef V



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