Going Places

Ever thought of taking the modeling experience on the road?

Do feel it too? That feeling of Spring in the air? Yes…Spring has already made its entrance for a couple weeks. Still, nothing is more refreshing for body and soul than taking the wrapper off a season that is considered to give everything and anything a brand-new outlook. Even the birds are realizing this, plopping their eggs left and right while part of the world cleanses itself from winter’s nasty leftovers. Unless you’re Australian – then it’s downhill from here!

I can sense Spring way before it happens. Every year there will be a moment when I walk through a certain scent of damp vegetation mixed with the smell of a plowed field, I know Springtime is around the corner!

After this somewhat melodramatic divulgence of my inner self, I also realize that Spring means many other things.

One of the exiting ones, to me that is, is to jump on my motorcycle and do some traveling. I used to do this a lot while living in Europe. I usually made trips to WW2 battlefields. And there are plenty. Nothing is more stimulating than seeing everything you’ve built, read about or watched on tv, up close and personal. I have been more times to Normandy and Berlin than feldmarchall Rommel himself and I can’t even remember how many visits to the Belgian Ardennes, absorbing the remnants of the Battle Of The Bulge.

Building a model is only one facet of the hobby but actually seeing the real McCoy is another. It is fascinating how we modelers keep submerging ourselves into the traumatic historical drama that occurred 75 years ago and which dates of significance have been recycled over and over. Up until now, no tragedy has had more impact on humanity than World War Two and it continues to do so.

From personal experience, I’m convinced that visiting an actual WW2 battleground or seeing any real life-size representation of whatever topic you chose to build, will add even more romanticism to the equation. So, every chance I get, I will visit these sites.

A museum is another place I’m drawn to. Again, all with the forethought of somehow combining this with my hobby. It works as a stimulant. Like many modelers, I can look at a German Tiger 1 engine-hatch for 30 minutes and never get bored! Or sit on a bench somewhere quiet as a lizard for more than an hour, overlooking terrain where a battle took place, taking it all in. And I would sit there maybe another hour if it wasn’t for my wife checking up on me, making sure that I am not the casualty of a stroke.

Now you might ask, what does Springtime have to do with all of this? For that, I have no plausible answer other than that this season works as an intoxicant for me to get out and smell the roses.

Plus, I love riding my motorcycle. After a somewhat 3 month “hibernation” Texas style, I’m like a young horse, fresh out of the barn! It is a win-win situation. I enjoy the riding aspect and I have an objective.

What more could I want?!

Gas money…



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