When Will I Finish Another Model?

I’m becoming more and more aware that I’ve reached a point in my life after almost 5 decades of being a modeler, that it is hard to stay focused with subjects that I’ve picked to build. What I’m trying to say is that, while I love what I’m doing, staying on point is not all that easy anymore.

That said, my mind is still capable to lock onto a subject, either a theme that spikes my interest, or some encounter with a new release. My brain is always all over the place and it does not take much to get me started. It is the finishing that causes issues!

In my career, if I can call it that, I was/am always “forced” to pay attention to detail. Now in our hobby, that is basically what it is all about – detail and accuracy. But doing it somewhat professionally for the last 35 years tends to weigh down.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not complaining but the truth of the matter is that I can’t get the relaxation anymore that I used to find building a model. I have touched this topic briefly in an earlier blog. I love building models but I would like to finish one! I get so deep into super detailing that after a while, it burns me out.

On top of that, I get distracted pretty easily and the whole routine starts over. However, the positive side of all this is that it keeps me daydreaming of things to come and which projects are interesting.

Plus, without knowing, detailing also helps me with anything I endeavor outside of the hobby. If I fix things around the house, I put more thought into it. When I observe objects or buildings, I know almost immediately where to look for deficiencies, mistakes or the marvel of engineering.

Even better, building models helped me with problem solving, believe me or not! It also gives me confidence in tackling a life size project that I would never dared to explore if it wasn’t for my building skills.

I think most of us are so “into it” building models that we are completely oblivious of what the hobby really has to offer; patience, skill, problem solving and foremost the ability to deal with a challenge.

Still, finishing a model from start to end became a utopia for me these days because of the side road attractions that go on in my life. (Check out my last completed build HERE).

At the end of the day I’m blessed for having an occupation that is both interesting and where I can share my lifetime model experience with the world. This by itself has made it so much more fascinating.

So, I shouldn’t be whiny for not being able to finish a model on a regular basis. In fact I should be fulfilled with accomplishment to have built many!



Question: How do you stay on point and fight through distractions that can interrupt your modeling projects?

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  • Patrick

    What you describe here can be witnessed on many modeling forums. Authors of builds on those forums will spend weeks perfecting a cockpit (or some other detailing) then…Poof! No more posts on the build. The build has been abandoned and the author of the post has probably succumbed to the very condition you describe here.

    It happens not only in the world of plastics but also the RC world with the assembly of balsa aircraft.