Flame Out!

Do you ever get inspired about something in such a manner, that you can’t think about anything else? Well, I know I do. It doesn’t take much for me to get distracted, focus on something completely different and go in full blast.

It’s a curse because it can keep me from getting anything completed. I wonder if there are more modelers out there who have that same disorder?

But this summer, I promised myself to stay out of the grueling Texas heat and finish a project. For that purpose, I have cleaned up my room, organized my tools and opened a fresh bottle of plastic weld.

As a kid I used to enjoy these lazy dog days where I placed my work table in front of the open bedroom window and had the advantage of both fresh air and genuine daylight. Life was so much more easygoing.

A simple nail file and a potato peeler got you a long way! Now, I need my ESD-Safe swing-arm View Magnifier, X-Acto designer hobby knife and padded sanding stick! But the joy of the hobby never waivers, no matter what age you are. We all, young and old, drink from the same goblet when it comes to building models.

But once in a while I’ll get a burn out. The interest is there but the willpower goes south. I have the kit I want, the books to document, decals, photo etch and accessories that go with it, the paint and tools to do the work but for some obscure reason, I can’t get motivated to start the opus I desperately created 2 days before.

Is it the drudgery of starting a project? I know for a fact that when building a tank, the dang suspension will be waiting. Or the cockpit needs to be finished before you can start the serious fun on a plane model by gluing the fuselage together. Maybe it’s the size of the endeavor I’m dreading or just the plain feeling of lacking energy but somehow, at some point in time, it is just not coming together and everything gets neatly stored away.

Funny enough, a couple days later I’ll do it all over again with another subject that may or may not travel that same path. I’ve built thousands of models in my “career” but the excitement still endures every time a new kit is born. It is just my motivation that becomes more deficient. It’s becoming similar to the first chapter of a book. If it doesn’t capture you, what’s the point of continuing?


Maybe I’m just ranting and it’s just the summer heat that is dragging me down. I don’t like to sweat wearing my Optivizor! Oh well, I still consider myself lucky to have a hobby that gives me great satisfaction and pleasure. A gratifying diversion that at the same time leads me to places and occurrences in history that I would never had known about if my mother had bought me a magic box instead of a model kit many summers ago.

So I’m back at my modeling table, scraping away the flash of the bogey wheels on my Panzer IV, while balancing a drop of sweat at the tip of my nose.

Jeeezzz, it’s hot!


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  • Gary Schroeter

    Jeff- Let me tell you it doesn’t just happen in the devilishly hot days down in Texas! It happens up here in Minnesota also. Can’t explain it, it just happens. Take a break, think about those care-free good o’ days of your youth, sit back and have a nice cold drink, iced tea or beer and relax. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Like the old saying goes, “everything was going along just fine, when all of a sudden, I ran out of talent”. What else can you do? We’re a;ll just human

  • 777AV8R

    Spot on!

  • Larry Brown

    Nice article!