Dear Santa…

Coming from Belgium, Christmas has always been and I assume, still is, the greatest time of the year. That’s the time when the turkeys have to run for their lives over there. Belgians don’t have Thanksgiving like we have here in the US, so usually the family reunions were planned around Christmas time.

When I was a kid, Christmas meant only one thing, models! And there were always plenty underneath the tree. This was also the only time of year where I got a present from my much older brother and sister, who although forced, could not find it in their hearts to skip buying a model for their annoying younger sibling. Those were great times!

Then when the-once-a-year family reunion took place and my cousins came over, I could show them what wealth in models I had accumulated. When the adults, after the main meal, retreated into the smoking parlor and started nipping the Kirsch while bickering with each other, us kids went upstairs to my room and talked models until we literally fell asleep.

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Looking back, times have changed so much. Even Christmas and the way we go about. Kids don’t even want to come over anymore and if they do, they sit in a corner with their phones. I’m afraid that the art of socializing is getting less and less popular and that “new generations” are completely oblivious to how it feels to share hobbies or interests together. Or even simply how to communicate.

Maybe I’m old school but so what? At least I know and remember how exciting it was to talk airplanes and models with each other instead of facebooking your friends how bored you are or when you had your last bowel movement!

I’m not preaching that we should return to the stone ages but maybe we should rein in the horses a little bit and show kids how you can have quality time before it is all too late.

At the end, it all boils down to patience and reinventing the wheel. Maybe we should buy a kid a model for Christmas instead of a Fitbit that monitor their little hearts and show them the joy of building it together.

Me, Jef V...My priorities were in line...even back then!

Me, Jef V…Christmas 1969

Show them how much fun it can be when you actually spend quality time doing something that is both cool and educational. I mentioned it before in a previous blog, to just getting the satisfaction of working with a young person and showing him or her that there is more excitement in the world than taking selfies!

It is not only building a model itself that is important but the plain and simple enjoyment children could get out of it. The art of imagination is lost to so many. We as grownups need to reintroduce this and soon.

So, for Christmas, let’s make it our goal or even a New Year’s resolution to at least show one immediate member of our young society that being crafty will help them in the future and that creativity can be very rewarding.

Let’s do it!


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