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Squadron Signal Continues To Be A Great Reference For Modelers

In one of my previous blogs I explained how, many years ago, I came across Squadron Signal publications in my country of birth, Belgium.

As a young and dyed-in-the-wool  modeler I had never seen anything like it.

Back then, as many hobbyists of my generation will concur, there was not much available as far as reference. No books and hardly any magazines that dealt with topics like armor or aviation.

For us modelers, these were “hard times”!

In Europe, depending on the area, country or airbase, a wandering eye and a camera could get you in major trouble.

In the early 70’s, a friend and I had to sit for two hours in the back of a van from the Belgian Gendarmerie, because we were spotted, taking pictures of  airplanes in a nearby pasture that bordered the end of a runway.

belgian police

But that was how you took care of business. If you wanted some reference, you had to get out and many times this involved removing remnants of cow pie from your shoes before you drove back home!

With the appearance of Squadron Signal, little by little, information and reference started to satisfy our needs. Since then, hundreds of publications have been released and “Squad Sig” became a luminary in the model community and still does.

Squadron Signal Release: V-22 Osprey In Action:

Our latest release is the long awaited In Action V-22 Osprey publication # SS10240 by Lou Drendel. 80 Pages of full color photographs and Specs. The soft cover book tells the development history of the Osprey and shows the airplane in every facet.

Again, if the V-22 is your thing or just to add the book to keep your collection complete, now is the time!

As I mentioned earlier, Squadron Signal did a lot for us modelers and is a trusted name that supplies us with great documentation for a price that is very affordable. It helped hundreds of thousands of modelers over a span of more than four decades build their models with confidence.

Or at least, in my case, it kept my shoes clean!



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