A Trip into Memory Lane

Occasionally, I receive a letter from a customer that just wants to say hi or express that he or she has been a lifelong customer from Squadron. Mostly it is a handwritten letter. That by itself makes it, to me that is, so much more appreciated. That someone in this day and age, with all available technology at their fingertips, still grabs pen and paper to mail me a manual epistle. That is wonderful!

Usually, it is a story that they want to convey to me about their experiences as a modeler, how many kits they have stashed away or simply, that they have read one of my blogs and felt some sort of connection with it. It makes me feel good.

Not that long ago, someone went through the effort of sending me a box of very old and original model magazines, some dating back as far the early sixties! I loved it! He had read one of my articles in our monthly flyer and thought it would be nice to share some of his bygone days collection.

It is amazing that a hobby like ours, that basically never changed its core principle, has evolved as much as anything else over time. With the availability of products, quality, accuracy and recourses that is on hand, who would have predicted that more than 50 years later, model building has entered a competitive era.

Still I like to dwell in the past and hold and sniff these old publications, when a smell of old paper mixed with evaporated dampness and combined with a glance into yesteryears’ black and white embodiment of “how it used to be”, would bring back so many memories of the happiness and excitement this hobby has brought me for nearly half a century.

I am grateful to those customers, which find it no problem at all to share their memories with someone like me. Me, who basically draws energy and drive from it to keep the conversation going, never to forget about the basics of modeling and when it all started.

Nothing is more powerful and enchanting to realize who we once were and where we’re headed!

So, thanks again to all for the heartfelt letters. Please keep them coming!

(Jef Verswyvel, Chief Modeler, C/O Squadron, 1115 Crowley Drive, Carrollton, TX 75006)



Jef V.

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