A Life of Service

Living the Dream at Squadron

How many of us get the chance to take the hobby we love most and turn it into a career?  For those of you who do not know Tom Fox, Customer Service Manager at Squadron, he is one of those lucky people.  If you haven’t had the chance to meet Tom on the phone or in person at a show, he is probably one of the biggest fans of modeling…and the people who participate in it…of anyone in the world.

Tom’s story is a great one.  As a regular local customer, he liked to take advantage of Squadron’s pick-up service.  He was looking for a new opportunity and decided that when he came to pick up his order the next time, he would drop off a resume in case anything cropped up.  It just so happened that the beloved Macky had just announced her retirement, creating a HUGE void in the customer service team.  Those of you that met Macky over the years know what we mean.

As a matter of extreme coincidence, Tom’s career had been in Sales and Customer Service for many years.  Add to that his love and knowledge of the hobby, it seemed like destiny for him to come in that day, resume in hand.

The rest is history…..and he now leads our efforts to solve problems, find products, and give our customers – and his fellow modelers – a great experience at Squadron.  We are thankful for Tom….and for Austin as well – who care so much for our customers and for this hobby with the goal of excellence in everything they do.

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