A Father’s Day!

I have written several stories and anecdotes about my father and those were only the ones that bubbled back to the surface when reflecting about certain situations. There have been many instances in my life where my father played a pivotal role. Building models with him was one of them. Those are the memories I […]

Driving Miss Daisy

Ask anyone and they will tell you I’m pretty much stuck in my own little miniature world. When it comes to assembling models, I usually stick with my favorites, which are airplanes and armor. Rarely will I catch myself in venturing out doing or constructing something away from my comfort zone. Building a car kit […]

Ship Ahoy!

I’ve built lots of models in my lifetime. And if I say lots, I mean it in every sense of the word. At least over a fifteen hundred! I’d lost count long time ago. Not to mention the unbuilt kits I have amassed over the years. Better not bring that up too much. I might […]

L’enfant Terrible

Very early on in my younger years, I had to come up with schemes and devious plans to “earn” money to fill my plastic addiction. My mother, on Saturday mornings, always brought me a $.75 model when she came back from the farmers market. It was usually a bagged Airfix or Frog kit. When my […]

Being Rudolph Valentino

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, let me tell you a little bit about my wife. We all have to admit somehow, that being a modeler does not catapult us into immediate stardom. We do not embody the ultimate man, women dream of. We are not the chosen ones. Neither are we the gent that turns the […]

Bigger is Better!

I just got my hands on the NEW 1:32 Scale B-24J from HobbyBoss!

Once in a blue moon…not too often; but on occasion, I still get a visit from the Papilionoidea family in my stomach. For me to exclaim this and revealing publicly of having a soft underbelly, the reason must be one of extraordinary proportion and awe-striking visuals. Well, HobbyBoss’s newly released 1/32nd B-24 is one of […]


Not too long ago, I found myself standing on a small hill, overlooking the vast rolling plains near Little Bighorn, Montana. In front of me, at a downward slope and in a disorganized pattern, were small headstones placed, where once, the courageous men of the 7th US Cavalry fell. When an outnumbered detachment of the […]

A Trip into Memory Lane

Occasionally, I receive a letter from a customer that just wants to say hi or express that he or she has been a lifelong customer from Squadron. Mostly it is a handwritten letter. That by itself makes it, to me that is, so much more appreciated. That someone in this day and age, with all […]

Shooting the Breeze

  I’ve been a modeler nearly all my life and that’s a pretty long time. It’s funny how when something captivates you as a child, it can have a lasting effect on the rest of your life, as it did on mine. I wonder if my mother would have brought home a sewing kit when […]